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 8/07/2001    SUNDAY  
New Manual on the Developing Tools Section  
First manual on this section : How to drive a Text Display LCD for use with Mpxplay Software. Now is ready only the Italian Version, the English one  will come soon.
 7/07/2001    SATURDAY  
Correct all link to the Datasheets page  
Sorry for the inconvenience, but all link was broken...
 20/05/2001    SUNDAY  
Added the pictures of MP3 Stereo  
Finally  are ready the photos of my stereo MP3 based on a PC P100, go to see it!
 3/05/2001    MONDAY  
Open The Web Page, WELCOME!  
Now is ready, but not complete, this web page dedicated to the LCD display; The work around it is much, so if you have comment, suggestion or you want simply write something on the guestbook it will be appreciate very much. Last, sorry for my bad english!
A Stereo Led Vu-Meter added on the Useful Circuits  
Simple Circuit for make a Led Vu-Meter for your MP3 music applications
A I/O Module for PC Parallel Port added on the Useful Circuits  
Simple Circuit for Input/Output 4x8 Interface with PC Parallel Port
A MP3 Stereo (PC Based) added on Ready Application  
This is a circuit for build your STEREO HI-FI Based on a Pentium 100, It support 2 LCD Display 20x4 and a I/O interface for drive 3 electric engine.
The pictures of this project are not ready, it will come in few days...
Added the Datasheets Page  
In this page you can find some useful Datasheets of components & the schematics for connect LCD to the parallel port


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