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                                                       - VERSION HISTORY -


Megabase 4.5 Beta  
>>  Partial ZIPPED ROM SUPPORT :  
  Now you can zip all your roms that has an emulator that support it! for example ZSNES Support Zipped Rom. When You Press Play on Megabase, it will search for a rom with the same file name that is in the DataBase but with ZIP extension, if it will found it, the zipped rom will sent to the Emulator, else it will sent the normal filename of the rom. (sorry for english!)  
  Megabase can now scan your GAMES DIRECTORY for every console to check if you have the right rom of every Games. It controls if you have use GOOD TOOLS for rename your files. You can do it in the SCAN SECTION.  
>>  Cancelled all plug-ins, now config is directly inside Megabase  
>>  Changed All Database, the old one is not supported!  
>>  Improved Help Page  
Megabase 4.4 (Never Released)  
>>  Support for GOOD TOOLS SOFTWARE  
  From this version, all Database will be compatible with the roms RENAMED by this software; This means that if you want for example manage your roms with Megabase, you must follow these steps : (Lynx Example)
1) Downalod GOOD TOOLS Software for the console you want use.
2) Go to dos shell in the roms directory and type "GOODLYNX.EXE RENAME"
3) Move the renamed file in the directory "C:\Megabase\Console\Lynx\Games\"
4) Now Megabase can manage your roms & send it to the Emulator
>>  New Megaconfig Plug-In  
>>  New Megarom Plug-In  
>>  Improved Help Page  
Megabase 4.3  
  In this new version of Megabase you have found this utility 
for update your database of roms.
This is what you have to do : 
1) - check my web page for new database pack of console 
2)- download the screenshot for the update pack that you have  found
3)- go in the 'Update Database' section and press the button
      'select database to add...'
4)- choose the new pack database that you have download 
       (be careful to select your active console properly!) 
5) - press the 'Add New Roms!' button 
6)- decompress the new screenshot pack in the properly 
       directory of console '\console\xxxx\screen' 
7) - Now you have update your database with new Roms! 
>>  Added Global Statistic Section  
>>  Correct a BUG when you try to use cursor to move around roms.  
>>  Correct a BUG when you try to close Megabase  


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