21/10/2001    SUNDAY
    Welcome To The New Web Page of "The Watcher"  

Welcome, you are now in the official home page, but the work around it is only at the beginning : the site is incomplete and the software is born only few days ago... stay tuned for NEWS

What "The Watcher" will do :
Stay Resident & check CD for Movie File Inside
       (also if you have disable the notify CD property)

If a Movie Cd is detected (AVI,MPEG ecc..)  it will lanch the Player(s) you set

It will work in cooperation with DivxManager if it found a particular Movie

      20/10/2001    SATURDAY
    Start Building of this new Web Page  
"The Watcher" is a new software for Auto-Play Movie Stored on CD-Rom. IT can recognize when you insert a CD with Movie Inside.
In Future Release It Will Work in cooperation with DivxManager.

It check for you all subdirectory in search for an AVI File, MPEG, DIVX, and all Media Type & launch the appropriate PLAYER for you




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