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Here you can find some very simple but useful circuits to make your projects looks better.

- List of avaiable useful circuits -

-A/D Flash Converter (Only Teory) (Italian Only)
What Is
This circuit is a simple Analog/Digital Flash Converter.(Teory)
-LED Stereo Vu-Meter  
What Is
This circuit is a simple VU-METER for your application with music. You can drive 10 different LED for every stereo channel.
-4x8 I/O Very Simple Interface (only for know-how)
What Is
This Circuit is a very simple Input/Output interface using the parallel port. It can handle 4 inputs and 8 output and is useful if you want build the Stereo MP3 project with motors & leds. Thanks to Jim Fuller for the Help!
-Basic DC-DC Converter for IC  
What Is
This is a basic converter for powering your circuits based on Integrated, you must use a 12-24 Volt DC and you will have a 5 Volt OUT (you can use the same schematic for 12V Out)
-8x16 I/O Professional Interface  
What Is
Not Ready...

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