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  eXtreme Movie Manager (formerly DivxManager) is a powerful software program used to manage your movie collection. It lets you catalogue your collection with detailed information and supports many video formats such as DivX™, XviD™, DVD, VHS, SVHS, VCD, DVD-R  or LaserDisc eXtreme Movie Manager is not just a movie/video collection manager, it's also a movie and actor database and a cover manager.  With the exclusive "MagicScript" Technology, and the appropriate script, XMM allows you to retrieve movie information (especially PICTURES, IMAGES and COVERS) from ANY online movie databases.  With the MagicScript EDITOR you can also create and edit your own Scripts.  XMM is the complete movie collection manager - you won't need any other piece of software ;)

  GuidaTV e' un software appositamente creato per scaricare e stampare gli orari dei programmi televisivi in onda sulle reti principali italiane (solitamente vengono aggiornati ogni giorno e si riferiscono alla programmazione dei sette (o piu') giorni successivi).Essa vi permette anche di "Monitorare", ovvero di tenere sotto controllo, i vostri programmi preferiti : se ad esempio state aspettando un particolare Film o Telefilm ( ad esempio quando iniziera' una nuova stagione di "Ally McBeal" ecc..) con un semplice Click GuidaTV fara' tutto il lavoro per voi, senza perdere tempo ogni giorno con Televideo o guide Cartacee (I fan di Star Trek sanno di cosa parlo molto bene).

  Derivato dalla GuidaTV, questa applicazione scarica in maniera totalmente automatica la programmazione televisiva da internet, ricerca particolari film o telefilm specificati in un apposito file INI e salva i risultati in un database Access. I dati raccolti possono cosi' essere usati per fornire informazioni nei siti web. Il suo utilizzo e' nato in collaborazione con WEBTREK Italia, che con GuidaTV Server puo' fornire ai propri visitatori i pailinsesti dove verranno trasmesse puntate di Star Trek giorno per giorno. GuidaTV Server puo' essere utilizzata per fornire informazioni su qualsiasi programma televisivo, basta semplicemente configurare un file INI. Benche' freeware , il suo utilizzo in un sito web e' comunque possibile solo dopo AUTORIZZAZIONE.

  MagicScript Editor is a powerful tool for build your Scripts. "MagicScript" Technology is a mini programmer-language that will allow you to make oriented-code to obtain information from  HTML pages.For this purpose, you can use the IF , REPEAT-WHILE statements and many others. With this Editor you can write, run, execute step-by-step, debug and analyze all your Scripts. From 0.7, Editor use colors to markup key-words.

  The Watcher is a Simple But Powerfull Software that STAY RESIDENT in your Memory (You will see the Tray Icon) and watch you CD-ROM in search of a Movie.
When you insert a CD that contains in the Root an AVI File, It Immediately Launch Your Default Player.
This Software is Especially Useful if you have a PC Dedicated for Watching Divx Movies : In this case you must only insert the Disk on CD-ROM & [The Watcher] will start Player with appropriate COMMAND LINE (For Example if you want start player in fullscreen ecc...)

  Option Optimum is a Visual Basic software for price all the knowed financial option and Passport Options.
Raffaella Polchi's thesis is about a new type of financial instrument called Passport Option. They are an interesting option type because they are written on a traded account and they allow the buyer to do trading on the underlyng. At the contract maturity, the buyer take all the extravalues and the seller pays the loss.

  In This Section you can find Open Source Projects made by me.


  This site is dedicated to the Display LCD. Here you can find ready-to-use applications (some of them free, others commercial), drivers & developing tools for a professional use of this displays.Go to the Site Map for some words about all section in this Web Page.
Now Enjoy the powerful of your display!
  This Page contains instructions & software for create a Stereo Hi-Fi Mp3 BASED ON A PERSONAL COMPUTER. The software is all free, except for the 128x64 Dot Matrix display (not ready). The Stereo that I have made supports 2 LCD 20x4, an I/O interface for drive 2 electric motors and a small keyboard for input. The project is based on the very powerfull 'MPXPLAY' (You need MPXPLAY 1.42 !) software for play MP3 files. If you have any question please write. Enjoy!
  Megabase is a front-end for 10 different console. it allow you add roms manually or with a automatic utility that can recognize roms renamed with GOOD TOOLS.  

Release : 4.5 Beta
Freeware for non-commercial
  In this section you can find savestates for the various console and computers like Nintendo, SuperNintendo, PSX, N64 etc...  
  Member of GAMEBASE64 Project : an attempt to document ALL Commodore64 Gameware before is too late...
  Member of Staff of EMUITALIA.COM, the italian web site dedicated to emulation's world  





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